Tales from the Psychedelta (CD) - Kerry Kearney (2020 Highlander)

Just when we need him the most, Kerry is back!  This complete Kearney package of guitar, voice and emotion shepherds listeners through the blues paces - eliciting reflection, hope, resolution and joy. The latest Psychedelta installment will melt your speakers and your heart, delivering you from the fog and confusion of our new normal.   

$15 - US shipping included.

I’m digging this album 110%. The album takes me through the Blues with a couple of Heart Felt Delta Blues Styles including slide along with Kerry Kearney’s Rippin’ Blues Rock Energy. My radio show starts slower tempo and ends with a faster tempo. This album fills all the levels! Groovy Hoovy, DJ - Blues Music Fan Radio

Legacy (CD) - A Band Called Sam (2020 Highlander)

A special collection of newly recorded Sam “Bluzman” Taylor compositions performed by A Band Called Sam, featuring: Sam’s daughter Sandra Taylor, Sam’s grandson Lawrence “LAW” Worrell, Mario Staino, Gary Grob, Gary Sellars and Danny Kean.

The legacy of Sam Taylor is alive and well in this compelling recording that will surely become a mainstay in your collection. 

$15 - US shipping included.

Legacy delivers the goods in a set that lights the fuse and keeps the party going all night long. Just pure bred rocking and rollicking that keeps the night alive, they bring the good times, all you have to bring is you. On the money. Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Faith Hope Love (CD) - Jack’s Waterfall (2020 Highlander)

The aptly titled new release from Jack’s Waterfall offers tunes that conjure up faith, hope and love. Jack Licitra’s emotional lyrics, coupled with a musical style that incorporates elements of alt-country, folk-rock and blue-eyed soul, set us on a journey that’s as comfortable as a favorite old sweatshirt. 

$15 - US shipping included.

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